How Gardens improve the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS

Gardens are a lifeline for those living with AIDS in the D.R. Congo, providing them with vital resources and hope. The American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) has found that supporting sustainable gardens is an effective way to improve the lives of people living in extreme poverty who have been infected or affected by HIV/AIDS Here are 7 ways gardens help create livelihoods and choices for those living with AIDS in D.R Congo: Gardens provide a sustainable source of nutrition, which is critical for people living with HIV/AIDS who have weakened immune systems or limited access to foods that are rich in nutrients. Gardens offer an opportunity for [...]


Made in Zimbabwe: Brands we’ve tried and love

Zimbabwe is home to some great food brands that are perfect for the adventurous eater. We've tried them all and we're loving them! Here's a list of our favorites. From hot sauces to the best squishy white bread, these brands will make you want to get on the next flight to Harare. So go ahead and explore Zimbabwe through its food! You won't be disappointed! Here's a list of our top 10 must-try Zimbabwean brand snacks and treats. Sun Jam Sun Jam Sweet Orange Marmalade is a classic jam made with sweet oranges handpicked in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe. It is sweet and tangy and perfect for spreading [...]


Season 2: Episode 9: Tanya Preps for D.R. Congo

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage Listen in this week as Tanya and Jen connect to talk about how Tanya preps to do program visits in the D.R. Congo. To learn more about how you can help children with AIDS and to learn more about the work of the American Foundation for Children with AIDS, please visit our website at


Gifts that give back

The American Foundation for Children with AIDS has a number of gifts perfect for those you love and care about this holiday season. We’ve put together a gift guide that gives back - gifts for teachers, gardeners, animals and earth lovers. give gifts that spark hope that changes the lives of children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. These gifts of kindness will be something that continues to give long into the future. Naming your honoree is easy and we handle the card! You just click to add any of our charitable packages to your cart, and we handle the rest! Don’t forget to name your honoree and include their [...]


A Special place called Morning Star

The Morning Star “off the grid” Homestead By Jen Panattoni Nestled in the bush of the Motobo region in Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe is a homestead called Morning Star. Part farm, community project hub, and camp, Morning Star operates without electricity from a grid. It is self-sustaining and through partnerships with various organizations, it continues to support the livelihoods of many people in the surrounding communities. The community work done from Morning Star was started by Chris and Norma Ferguson, both pillars in the community, whose attention and care for the local people, land and animals has spread far and wide. After many years of service, Chris and Norma found new [...]


Season 2: Episode 5: The Work of Summer

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage This last summer brought a lot of joy, but with that joy also came a lot of hard work. AFCA and Executive Director, Tanya Weaver have been working away behind the scenes to expand on our program's impact to help build sustainable communities. Join us as we discuss the work that happened over the summer to continue to help children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.


Season 2: Episode 4: Poop Stories

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunesPodcast Homepage We all poop, and on this week's episodes, Jen and Tanya talk about the places they've pooped, the worst toilets they've come across, and how open defecation is a real problem for so many people. In the spirit of #WorldToiletDay, the two discuss the issues that stem from a lack of hygiene and sanitation, and what AFCA is doing to help 49 families infected and affected by AIDS gain access to safe and decent toilets. Spread the #LOOLOVE with us this #WorldToiletDay and support our hygiene and sanitation project. You can find more here: Donate to our #loolove [...]


World Toilet Day

What is World Toilet Day? To bring awareness to the issue of open defecation, and the resulting spread of disease and safety concerns surrounding the issue, the American Foundation for Children with AIDS is seeking donations in order to support a community led sanitation and hygiene project campaign called #LooLove. November 19th, 2022 marks World Toilet Day, an annual United Nations Observance since 2013 that seeks to make the invisible visible by educating the world about the global sanitation crisis that impacts over 3.6 billion people globally that live without safe and decent toilets. Open defecation creates several health and societal issues that include Heath impact, increased risk [...]


The Impact of Climate on AFCA’s Programs

With so many worthy causes in the world, I get asked often why I choose to work with the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA). While there are many reasons, my initial draw to AFCA was their commitment to sustainability and the environment while impacting the lives of children who are directly affected by the AIDS crisis while living in extreme poverty. In Africa’s poorest communities, climate change is threatening day to day life. “Climate change threatens the lives and livelihoods of over 100 million in extreme poverty. Global warming is expected to melt Africa’s remaining glaciers in the next few decades, and the reduction [...]


My Vacation with a Purpose to Zimbabwe experience

AFCA Marketing Director, Jen Panattoni reflects on her experience in Zimbabwe with the Vacation with a Purpose Program.Do you ever go on a vacation, but feel the need to have another vacation immediately upon your return, because you probably never really fully left the routines of your daily life, and vacation just kind of *happened* to you? I know that feeling. In fact, we rarely call family vacations “vacations”, but family trips, because nobody is really in relaxation mode. The pressure of seeing all the things, doing all the things is enough to run you ragged, and turn anyone into a grouch when pushed past the limit of what vacation [...]


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