AFCA is extremely diligent and effective in its efforts to improve the lives of the children it serves.  Through the combined efforts of our African partners, our committed staff, volunteers and board members and the generous support of people like you, AFCA is making a difference and providing hope for children that are the least fortunate.

We have received high ratings from charity watchdogs – we are doing good things!

Independent Charities of America gave us their seal of Best in America.

Feel free to check out our financial statements, annual report and 990, should you want to learn even more about our work and how we use the donations that are given to us for the children we serve.

Many people want to know how much we spend directly on the children. In 2022, we spent 94.6% on programs directly affecting the children (medicine, training, school fees, food, livelihood programs), 3% on fundraising and 2.4% on administration.