goatGiving an animal is like giving someone the world. Goat donations will provide a family with a way to purchase their own medicine, food, and pay for school fees. Milk is immediately available to a family because each family receives three pregnant goats. Excess milk can be sold or made into cheese or yogurt, further helping a family out! The manure is put to use in personal gardens which provide nutritious vegetables and fruit for children and their guardians.

After three years of growing their herd, a beneficiary family gifts three healthy pregnant goats to anther trained family in need and just like that, the beneficiary becomes a giver. Another life changed!

Through AFCA’s Kids4Kids program, you have the opportunity to change lives by gifting a loved one a gift that keeps on giving. You “buy” a goat on behalf of your friend, relative, or colleague while helping children out of the cycle of poverty. There are two options:

A donation of $250 will provide a family with a pregnant goat, seeds for gardens, training (basic veterinary, husbandry, proper housing for animals, etc), vaccines for their animal for a year, a water filter, a solar light, and three years of support. You get naming rights for the goat and we’ll send you a photo of your kid!

A donation of $85 will provide a family with a full-grown pregnant goat. Such a wonderful gift to bestow on a family!

A donation of $10 is a goat share, helping build our goat multiplication centers in the countries where we work, providing veterinary care for the goats, food for the animals as they grow old enough to be bred, and ongoing training for families.

This is a great holiday, Mother’s or Father’s Day, birthday, or graduation gift! E-cards or mailed cards are available at no charge.

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