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Useful Links

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The International Wanderer

A living abroad resource with country guides and information on working holiday visas; a global expat community directory and opportunity listings to volunteer abroad, study abroad, teach abroad, work abroad and intern abroad.

Africa Experiment 101

Africa Experiment 101 is an interactive experiential event for teens designed to bring Africa to life while demonstrating the challenges of poverty and disease. Click on the button below for additional information and contact Tanya Weaver on 717.489.0206 or TWeaver@AFCAids.org for a full kit of information.

This event is ideal for groups of teens of most sizes and can be held any time of year.

Africa Experiment 101

Walk Through Africa

Welcome to Walk Through Africa! This is an educational program to teach children about Africa and the four countries in which AFCA works. We hope students will find each country as fascinating as we do and that this will encourage them to learn even more. Click on the country for fun facts and lesson plan ideas: