There are over 13.4 million AIDS orphans in the world today, with 80% of them living in Sub-Saharan Africa. They have needs like all of us, but their ability to help themselves is hampered by the fact that they are parent-less and that, in many cases, they also have siblings to care for. School fees, food, medicine, rent, clothes, and other needs become impossible for them to handle, so many leave school in order to find work. Sometimes work is gathering wood, sometimes it is cleaning houses, sometimes it is selling themselves into prostitution.

We at AFCA will not let that happen to the children in our programs!

This minute and a half video shows how just one dollar can make a difference in the life of a child. For one dollar, AFCA can provide help to the children, allowing them to continue with their education, and in the long run, to help themselves. Check it out. If you like it – DO SOMETHING.

Here’s some ideas:

  • make a donation or fundraise – any size donation is put to immediate use for our kids
  • share the video on Facebook, Twitter and other social media,
  • blog about our work,
  • volunteer,
  • and/or participate in one of our events to raise awareness and funds for our kids – Bid Up, Climb Up, Vacation with a Purpose, and PassMyPlate are just some of the events and campaigns we host throughout the year.

If you don’t agree with the video, do nothing.

Really, it is that simple. Your choice is yours alone. But when you chose to do something positive for our kids, you’ll know you’ve helped change the life of a child. What could be better than that?

Join Project One Million today and let’s make a world of difference together.