15 Jan 2022

Why creating a monthly giving plan is a good idea

It’s a new year, and a time to pause and set goals for the year ahead. The last two years have really given us a time to think about what really matters in our lives and what we can do without. Part of your planning for the year should include sustained or monthly giving as a way to measure your impact, as well as making a gifting plan for tax planning purposes. Making a personal plan for giving includes asking yourself some questions: Why do you want to give? What do you want to give? How do you want to give? Putting some thought into your plan will assure that [...]

19 Dec 2021

11 random things I have seen these days

1. A parade of pickup trucks and motorcycles, beeping their horns as they make their way through town. All the women are decked out in green dresses and fancy hair styles. Men are dressed in matching suits and children are in white. Most are gripping balloons and shouting while others clap and whistle. It is a wedding party celebrating like they are welcoming the New Year. 2. The battle of "Little Drummer Boy" vs "Living On A Prayer". Both at full volume right outside the cafe where I get my first cup of coffee in six days. It is the BEST coffee and I am enjoying every sip of [...]

17 Dec 2021

Food…..they are destroying this service for food

Food. It is food that brings the service to a screeching halt. What sounds like two people arguing quickly escalates, prompting me to leave the ridiculously difficult puzzle I found in the guest house to peek through the wooden blinds in order to see what is causing the ruckus. People are yelling at each other on the far end of the sitting area, shaking fists and pointing at each other. A group moves across the courtyard, pointing at man and yelling at him, backing him all the way to the side wall. He rallies and yells back, shouting loudly. I don't understand Sango, but I have a feeling I know [...]

16 Dec 2021

Cryptocurrency a new opportunity for AFCA

Recently the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) partnered with The Giving Block in order to engage and attract new donors and higher net worth individuals that can make big impacts on our programs. In many cases, smaller charities like AFCA get passed up because of the lack of marketing dollars in our budget to spend on ads like some of the larger charity organizations. AFCA is hopeful that by partnering with the Giving Block we are able to attract new donors that want to gift cryptocurrency to help fund some of our larger projects, like building greenhouses in order to create sustainable programs for those that are [...]

14 Dec 2021

Napping today…… unlikely!

At 4am, finally tired enough to sleep through the music and speeches, I sleep. The crashing sound of the loudest music yet wakes me up at 6am and I know there is no going back to sleep. A bucket bath later, Mandaba and I head out to get more blood work in hopes of finding out what caused the convulsions. His tongue is so swollen, it is hard to understand him and I find myself saying, "excuse me?" more and more often and I try hard to find words around what sounds like drunken mumbling but which is caused by pain and discomfort. We exchange money on our way back [...]

14 Dec 2021

A night in Bangui

I should be in Gemena, Congo. Instead, I am in Bangui, Central African Républic. It is 1:28am and there is a zero possibility of me sleeping since a memorial service started at 11:30pm RIGHT outside my window and the singing is loud and off key. Prayers, speeches and music have not stopped, all happening under the UNHCR tarps that were erected throughout the day on one side of the road (mine) while family and friends sit on the other side of the road. The sitting area was constructed today, as well, with loud banging throughout the day, with truckloads of stone dumped in the late afternoon to create walking paths, [...]

30 Nov 2021

AFCA Partners with The Giving Block to Accept Cryptocurrency on #CryptoGivingTuesday and Beyond

The American Foundation for Children with AIDS looks to increase donations and attract younger, and tax savvy Cryptocurrency users to fight the battle against AIDS and extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Harrisburg, PA, November 30, 2021 -- The American Foundation for Children with AIDS partners with The Giving Block to accept cryptocurrency. Founded in 2018, The Giving Block makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency fundraising easy for nonprofits,empowering mission-driven organizations, charities, universities, and faith-based organizations of all sizes to leverage crypto technology to achieve their mission. The crypto community is building awareness around charitable giving with #CryptoGivingTuesday. The American Foundation for Children with AIDS hopes to reach a new donation base of [...]

26 Nov 2021

AFCA Joins the GivingTuesday Movement

The American Foundation for Children with AIDS joins the GivingTuesday movement, a global day of giving to ignite hope worldwide. Harrisburg, PA, November 26, 2021 -- The American Foundation for Children with AIDS joins GivingTuesday, a global giving movement that has been driven by individuals, charities, businesses, and communities across the United States and in countries around the world. GivingTuesday is the world’s largest generosity movement and is considered by many as the opening day of the giving season. GivingTuesday continues to gain traction across the country in its ninth year, with thousands of partner organizations and millions of Americans expected to take part. Since 2013, GivingTuesday has united millions of [...]

16 Nov 2021

Giving Tuesday benefitting the American Foundation for Children with AIDS

This November 30th, The American Foundation for Children with AIDS will look to engage and promote charitable giving through the Giving Tuesday movement.  Matching gift programs Nearly 84% of donors are more likely to give if they know that their donations are being matched by their employers.  If you are not sure if your company offers matching gifts, you can search for them on Charity Navigator, or reach out to your human resources or charitable giving department. Recurring payments lead to bigger impact Today, consumers are getting more and more comfortable with subscriptions and recurring payments. Promoting this kind of giving really increases the impact an individual person can make [...]

9 Nov 2021

World AIDS Day, 2021

This December 1st, we commemorate the global response to the AIDS epidemic, and remember the 25 million we have lost to this devastating illness. This year also marks 40 years since the first diagnosis. In a world where we now fight Covid-19, we must not move on and forget those still impacted and marginalized by the AIDS epidemic. It’s easy to see that Covid has sent shockwaves of impact in all of our lives. Socio-economically, mentally, physically, there has not been any areas of life spared by its crippling reach. Covid’s impact has also created layers of suffering in communities that continue to be affected and impacted with AIDS and [...]

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