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  • Critical AIDS and related medications

  • Medical equipment and supplies

  • Livelihood programs

  • Emergency supplies that are requested


  • Kenya

  • Uganda

  • Zimbabwe

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Malawi


January 2019


In 2019, we started work in Malawi

January 2017


Now in its 13th year, we have expanded to include:

a. Livelihood programs (gardens and livestock),
b. Provision of medicine to fight opportunistic infections
c. Medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics
d. Trainings for doctors, midwives and nurses
e. Send volunteer teams to help clinics and programs
f. Provision of antiretroviral medicine to specific programs
g. Nutritional support
h. Provision of testing kits
i. Funding and management of sustainable projects to help families break out of
j. Funding and management of sustainable projects that allow children to remain in
k. Funding and management of sustainable projects that allow partners to become

Fighting the AIDS pandemic is not about us. We like to build connections, not structures. AFCA and CFCA are distinctly connected to stable, non-governmental organizations in the countries where we work, bolstering existing networks from which continued services can be made available. We prefer not to reinvent the wheel, which keeps program costs down and program impact up.

Our partners on the ground not only know their communities, but have served them well over the years. With a deep knowledge of each country’s history and people, language and customs, these partners have the relationships and capacity to extend AFCA’s and CFCA’s programs to their people. They are known, trusted and respected and we are grateful for the opportunity to come alongside them to provide needed supplies and training to bolster the good work they already do

January 2008


In 2008, we started work in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

January 2007


In 2007, we started work in Zimbabwe

January 2005

2005 – Reaching Kenya & Uganda

We started work in Kenya and Uganda in 2005 providing much needed anti-retroviral medications to three hospitals.

January 2004

2004 – The American Foundation for Children with AIDS is Founded

The American Foundation for Children with AIDS was founded in 2004 by Father Harold Bradley and Robert Maynard. They saw the great gap in access to free medicine for children infected by HIV and decided to act. They formed a board of directors, inviting Mary Engelking and Craig Copland to join them. Having incorporated the organization, they hired Tanya Weaver to manage the organization.

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