sewing centerSchool uniforms, reusable pads kits, dresses, trousers, purses, skirts, and hats are all sewn in a little tailoring shop in Miwani, Kenya. This is another AFCAids supported project, in partnership with Restoringhopes Ministries. We have dreams of expanding this project to include 10 more machines, training more women while expanding the items they will sew and the number of buyers. It is always a leap of faith to grow these projects but when I see them, when I read the reports and when I hear the stories, it makes sense to do so.

Slow, incremental growth is the name of the game for us at AFCA. We look for:

  1. Growth that is measured and monitored so we don’t saturate the markets.
  2. Growth that will, indeed, provide training and employment, not just something to pass time.
  3. Growth that will help the community.

Today I stand in the sewing center, remembering how this all started, astounded at where we are and excited for where we will go.

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