Episode 3: Love stories, Weekly struggles and the value of flexibility

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunesPodcast Homepage Jen and Tanya learn more about each other's love stories, commiserate on how easy it is for a working mother's schedule to blow up, and express gratitude for having each other as colleagues. The two compare stories on how they decided where to set their family roots, and how they both intended to adopt children, but life took them in a different direction.


Episode 2: Vacation with a Purpose Zimbabwe

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage Jen and Tanya chat about AFCA's Vacation with a Purpose program, the details, costs and more. Jen plans her first trip with the program to Zimbabwe with her 13 year old son, Charlie. We chat about how these programs change the lives of those that go, how they benefit our programs and relationships that remain even after the trip is over.  Other topics include how Aiden, Tanya's son, might be the world's best future boyfriend, and our love-hate relationship with smoothies.Resourceshttps://www.afcaids.org/vacation-with-a-purpose/


Episode 1: Introduction to Jen and Tanya, AFCA’s work and how terrible ideas can be wonderful

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage In this week’s and first full episode of the podcast, Jen and Tanya introduce each other. The two are nervous and not really sure how podcasting works, but decide to take a leap of faith into the world of podcasting In an effort to engage listeners to be curious about how they can help spread hope, Jen and Tanya kick off season 1 of their Podcast “That’s a Terrible Idea…. When Do We Start?! The two talk about the genesis of the charity, and how Tanya came to spearhead AFCA’s efforts as well as how the organization [...]


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