Season 2: Episode 10: Back from D.R. Congo

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage In this podcast episode, Tanya and Jen come together to discuss Tanya's trip to D.R. Congo.The American foundation for Children with AIDS helps to support children and caregivers who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Our work with program partners includes medical, educational support as well as helping communities to implement sustainability and livelihood projects.


Season 2: Episode 8 Chasing Peace with Kevin and Kiki Part 2

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage Jen sits with volunteers Kevin and Kiki for the second half of the episode where the 3 discuss their experiences before, during and after having gone to Zimbabwe with the American Foundation for Children with AIDS's Vacation with a Purpose program.


Season 2: Episode 7: Period Poverty with special guest, James Gondwe

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage Please join us as we discuss period poverty with Executive Director, James Gondwe of the Centre For Youth & Development in Mzuzu, Malawi.Centre for Youth and Development is a local development non-governmental organization with an innovative people-led approach to delivering United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.Children, Youth and Women are the main focus of their development work, and all of their interventions are anchored and centred on sectors of Education, Health and Economic Empowerment, empowering individuals so they build opportunities and responsibilities to develop societies in which others have the right to do better.Women in rural Malawi often [...]


Season 2: Episode 6: The JuJu Takeover Episode

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage Juju (Julia), AFCA’s director’s 17 year old daughter and Tanya team up to discuss what it is like for Juju to have been raised by a set of humanitarian aid workers. Straddling two continents she calls home, Juju has been creating logos and Instagram posts for AFCA and will be joining Tanya as an official photographer in 2023, capturing AFCA’s work and beneficiaries with her incredible eye for detail and beauty. Sustainable food solutions, fair wages, equitable treatment of all human beings, and safety of children are all topics which resonate with Juju, having spent many [...]


Season 2: Episode 3: communion with a little “c”

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage The act or instance of sharing The word communion when spelled with a little “c” means an act or instance of sharing. As we begin to gather for the holiday seasons to come, a wonderful way to inject some gratitude into these gatherings is to host a communion in your home. The idea is simple. Gather with a handful of close friends, family, or neighbors, share a bit of food, or drinks, and instead of spending your money on a night out, donate what you would have spent to an AFCA project, and share communion [...]


Season 2: Episode 2: The Impact of Climate

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage Over the years, Tanya has seen first hand, the impact of climate on AFCA's various programs. In this week's episode, Jen and Tanya talk about the endless challenges that these new weather patterns create. Excessive heat, drought, flooding, erosion and more are all impacting every part of life for our beneficiaries. Crops, raising animals, water accessibility and safety are just a few examples of what is at risk. AFCA considers how the changing environment will impact our sustainability programs, and why it's important for us to all be more resourceful, and less wasteful in caring for our [...]


Season 2: Episode 1: Joys of the Summer

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage Welcome to season 2 of the AFCA Podcast, That’s a Terrible Idea… When Do We Start?!  We are so excited to kick off another season with you and to share with you, all the happenings and behind the scene work going on with AFCA’s programs as well as get to know the people behind AFCA and why they do the work that they do.I’m Jen Panattoni, marketing director of AFCA, and alongside me (When I can pin her down) is Tanya Weaver, our Executive Director and Chief, who would much rather be bumping along on a dirt [...]


Episode 9: Volunteer Suzanne Heskin talks about traveling with AFCA

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage Join Jen as she sits with Suzanne Heskin, who has volunteered with AFCA and traveled with both Climb Up, Kilimanjaro, as well as Vacation with a Purpose Zimbabwe programs. If you are interested in learning more about our adventures, and how you too can plan a once in a lifetime trip that helps spread hope to those infected and affected by AIDS, you can learn more at Trips for 2023 are forming now!


Episode 8: From Fitness Class to the Top of Kilimanjaro with Stefanie Watkins

Listen on: AnchorFM / Spotify / iTunes Podcast Homepage Stefanie Watkins didn't see it coming, the day she met Tanya in a fitness class that one day, she would be beside her and a handful of other women, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania  Join Jen in a conversation with AFCA's Board President, Stefanie as they chat about her volunteerism and adventures with AFCA and how meeting Tanya spark a series of adventures and a reconnection for her birth country, Africa, as well as the children and people she's met along the way. If you're interested in traveling along with us, AFCA offers a variety of adventure travel experiences that [...]


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