operation honeycomb

There are times of emergency where our children need help beyond what we normally provide and we like to be ready to act appropriately and effectively.

As COVID 19 blazes across the world, we are setting up hand washing stations with soap and training in high density areas, schools, clinics, hospitals, radio stations, market centers, and in slums as a way for people to protect themselves against COVID 19.

In times of famine or drought, AFCA provides nutritional support in the form of fortified porridge or food rations to children in our programs. Because some of the medications the children are prescribed must be taken daily, it is imperative that they don’t stop taking it, even if food is scarce. Therefore, in times of drought or famine, a program called Nutrition by Prescription comes into play, making sure that affected children in our programs have the food they need during this time of emergency.

In times of civil unrest, AFCA has responded by providing blankets, food, clothes, medicine, and lights to those affected.

If flooding occurs, damaging structures and housing in communities where we work and the threat of cholera is high due to stagnant water, AFCA responds with the provision of water filters, tarp, lights, etc to those affected.

Basically, this is a catch-all for anything that fits outside of our normal work due to an emergency and which helps folks in the areas where we already work.

Why Operation Honeycomb? When our executive director, Tanya, was discussing with her 14-year old daughter the need to help as many children as possible, not only those directly affected by our work, but others in their communities, as well, Juju suggested naming this type of project Operation Honeycomb. When asked, she pointed to the verse of Proverbs 16:24 “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”

If words are sweet and healing, our actions are, too. Imagine words AND actions working together to help others! How sweet to the soul and how healing to the bones.

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