The act or instance of sharing

The word communion when spelled with a little “c” means an act or instance of sharing. As we begin to gather for the holiday seasons to come, a wonderful way to inject some gratitude into these gatherings is to host a communion in your home.

The idea is simple. Gather with a handful of close friends, family, or neighbors, share a bit of food, or drinks, and instead of spending your money on a night out, donate what you would have spent to an AFCA project, and share communion with children infected or affected by AIDS this season.

Meaningful impact

A glass of wine and a cheese board can change the life of a child. What incredible impact the smallest of acts can have on giving someone a hand up in life. When you gather to host a communion in your home, your impact will be reported back to you so that you and your guests can see their kindness in action.

Mindful giving

You have so many choices when it comes to giving back this holiday season, but when you take the time to give mindfully and to know where your dollars are spent, you will have a deeper, more meaningful connection with those that you’re helping. AFCA works directly with our program partners and knows the stories and names of our beneficiaries personally. When you donate to AFCA, you can be sure that your dollars are going directly to those you want to receive help.


AFCA’s programs are built to impact the sustainability of the community long term. Each decision is weighed carefully by community stakeholders. AFCA’s executive director, Tanya Weaver listens to what is needed, how it will be reported on, and how it will impact the community over time. Self-sufficiency, environmental impact, local sourcing of materials, training, job creation, and growth are some of the many aspects considered. We have seen so many of these programs go on to grow, and spread across other communities. One small microloan at a time, funding projects that in turn alleviate extreme poverty in communities.

How this impacts AIDS

There are so many people that need help, but AFCA’s mission is to help children and those that are infected and affected by AIDS. Our work started off with providing medication to children, then food, and since has grown to create sustainable programs that alleviate extreme poverty, which in turn provides sustainable livelihoods for women and children, helping to end the cycle and the spread of HIV/AIDS. When we are able to give people a hand up, and dignity in being able to provide for themselves, the community becomes stronger and can stand on its own.

How can you get involved?

You can sign up to host a small communion gathering and invite a small gathering of people over to your home. It can be for wine, cheese, or order pizza! Any act or instance of sharing counts. We suggest an amount of $30 donation per person as an example of what someone would spend on a night out. You provide the food, AFCA will provide information on the work that we do in a video, as well as a handout with more information that you can offer your guests.

Once you’re ready to host, AFCA provides a fundraiser landing page for your communion gathering so that you can see and measure your impact! Once you’ve gathered, your guests have donated and it’s been reported to AFCA, AFCA will report back to you, the impact of your intimate gathering and how you were able to share with those in need.

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