Welcome to season 2 of the AFCA Podcast, That’s a Terrible Idea… When Do We Start?!  We are so excited to kick off another season with you and to share with you, all the happenings and behind the scene work going on with AFCA’s programs as well as get to know the people behind AFCA and why they do the work that they do.

I’m Jen Panattoni, marketing director of AFCA, and alongside me (When I can pin her down) is Tanya Weaver, our Executive Director and Chief, who would much rather be bumping along on a dirt road, riding on the back of a motor bike than recording things on the internet. After my own first trip to Zimbabwe with AFCA, I got to see some of the places Tanya calls home, and now I understand why she so deeply loves these places in Africa, and that we can all learn so much from each other in this world. 

Together, Tanya and I created this podcast to tell our travel stories, share good news about the work that is being done to stop the cycle of poverty, and provide hope for those infected and affected by AIDS.

On this week’s episode Jen and Tanya recap the summer of traveling in Africa. Jen expressed gratitude about the opportunity to have traveled with her son, Charlie to Zimbabwe. Jen reflects on her experience and longs to do more disconnecting. Tanya talks about appreciating the more laid back mentality in Africa, and shares her “Book of Joys”.