22 Oct 2021

Decorating with fresh greenery for the holidays

When it comes to holiday decor, nothing beats the smell and look of fresh greenery. Not only do live decorations feel a little more special,they are also better for the environment, and in this case, good for the beneficiaries of The American Foundation for Children with AIDS’ beneficiaries. Lynch Creek Farms is gracious enough to offer AFCA a 15% donation with every wreath, centerpiece, garland, tree and swag sold on their website. That 15% goes directly to giving hope to those infected and affected by AIDS in our programs. Each order placed now will arrive in time for the holidays and is the perfect gift for the person that [...]

24 Sep 2021

Chicagoland Locals Look to Bring Awareness to the Global Poverty Level

The Pass My Plate campaign, benefitting the American Foundation for Children with AIDS, looks to raise awareness of the global poverty line by asking participants to live on $1.90 for a week in November. Harrisburg, PA, September 22, 2021 - Chicagoland residents have committed to participating in the Pass My Plate campaign and spend just $1.90 each day for 5 days on food. From November 1 – November 25 leading into the Thanksgiving holiday, these residents will be joined by thousands of other people across the country and internationally who are taking the challenge to raise awareness of the extreme poverty level affecting 1 in every 10 people, globally. As [...]

6 Sep 2021

Newborn babies at Mercy Maternity Ward

Look who was born at the Mercy Maternity Ward in Mombasa, Kenya! 10 babies have been born since the dedication. Another 6 little ones have been admitted for care. We are off and running, folks! To each and everyone of you who made this possible...the seamstresses who made the quilts and diapers, the people who put layette and maternity packs together, to the people who donated cash, to those who donated sheets and medical beds and surgery kits and birthing tables, to all who prayed and encouraged, to those who packed supplies, and to everyone who had a simple or complicated thing to do with this dream - THANK YOU. [...]

24 Aug 2021

What is a garden?

For many in AFCAids programs, it is not only a source of nutrition but also a source of funds that pay for school fees, medicine, and clothes. I have learned to look at a piece of kale or a tomatoes or an onion as something so powerful - for bodies and for emotional well-being as there is nothing better than knowing you are providing for your family. Check out these beds from Restoringhopes Ministry - even in drought, they are growing veggies for an orphanage, a group of grannies and many families. #DoGood #BeKind

19 Aug 2021

In loving memory…..

Today I should be on my way to Mombasa, Kenya, dedicating the Mercy Maternity Ward on Saturday in honor of mom and the third floor of the hospital (administration, general surgery) in honor of dad. Instead, I am on my way home from Africa due to an issue with my Kenyan visa - bad website that would not accept payment for my visa for days, no matter how hard we tried, from two different continents. The embassy didn't help, either, despite repeated calls. I am currently in London, waiting for my last flight home and my heart is crushed. The honor of dedicating the hospital falls on someone else and [...]

19 Aug 2021


Wrinkled and old, with a beautiful linen headcover, my seatmate on my flight from Ethiopia is blind in one eye. She needs help putting her bag in the upper bin, as do I, due to wearing a sling. A third woman comes over with purpose and a huge smile, cheerfully helping us both before putting her own things away. Kindness. At some point, I get up to stretch and while trying to buckle myself back in, an aged, hennaed hand reaches out and buckles me in. She reaches around my back and straightens my t-shirt, making sure it is comfortable. I take her hand with my good one and squeeze [...]

13 Aug 2021

Art Therapy

Here you can see Tanya doing some Art Therapy training for social workers and educators who work with children of war, abused children, street children, children traumatized by natural disasters, and children without a voice. It is an honor to work with these folks who give so much of themselves to help the littlest ones. #AFCAids #BeKind

6 Aug 2021

Houses for Grannies

We just handed over the houses to the grannies, celebrating with them...peanuts, donuts and coca cola for all. They received blankets, a water filter each and solar lamps. #afcaids #lovewell #bekind

6 Aug 2021

Building a home in Congo

We are building a house to replace the widow's home which is falling apart. The team is busy spackling, painting, sanding, and husking peanuts (Aiden). Today is hot and the humidity is extraordinary, so we are a sweaty mess. Well, we were a sweaty mess early, early on, before any work started.

5 Aug 2021

Two houses and three latrines…

Four hours waiting for the team to get through customs and baggage claim in Bangui, Central African Republic. Three hours to get through the border crossing to Congo, thanks to crooked police and immigration officials. Ten hours on the back of a motorcycle to do a trip that normally takes 6 hours. Six tired but incredibly gracious team members. One frustrated but still-functioning translator who has worked through five languages in the past two days. One tired and equally frustrated team leader with one busted shoulder. Two houses to be finished and three latrines to be built. We are Vacation(ing) with a Purpose in Gemena, Democratic Republic of the Congo. [...]

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