17 Jul 2021

33F degrees but lots of work done

Digging holes for chicken coop fencing. Painting trellis frames. Clearing the area for AFCAids' new greenhouse,  Plumbing. Fabricating trellises. Just some of all the things the volunteers have been involved in as part of their Vacation with a Purpose here in Zimbabwe. It is so nice to be under blue skies again after a couple if rainy, dreary and incredibly cold days. It is expected to be 33F degrees tomorrow morning, so this bit of sun is so welcome. (Click on any of the photos below to see larger versions)  

12 Jul 2021

Day 2 – VWP in Zimbabwe

A bit of our day today with team two.....  Some of our volunteers spent time painting bee hives for AFCA's beneficiaries. A beekeeper in Kenya noted that brightly colored hives attract swarms more easily. While others were involved in building a chicken coop, moving a million bundles of thatch And of course we took pictures of some goats... all part of AFCA's livelihoods program - supporting families to build their capacity to sustain themselves!  

11 Jul 2021

Team 2 – Vacation with a Purpose in Zimbabwe

Team two has arrived in the Matopos! Everyone is healthy and not acting sleep deprived at all. It is so good to meet folks I've been in touch with for so long (and Suzanne, who I met once, long ago). Welcome to Zimbabwe!

9 Jul 2021

Volunteers making a difference

Before and after pictures of the matron's room at the Sandra Jones Centre. This is one of the things we did there and I just love how bright, cozy and nice the rooms look for the scared young girls who will be giving birth to their babies. It is a place where they learn how to be mamas, under the care of the matron.

3 Jul 2021

A Million Memories

Corn rowed hair, shaved eyebrows, climbing trees, eating mopani worms, drumming, playing, holding babies, painting, building, cleaning, laughing, sharing, and so much more was done by this group of monkeys and the rest of us (Eric, Hae, Jen and me). I can't wait to see them all again, as all but Juju and Aiden have left to return to their homes. What a joy to share AFCAids' work with them, as well as a million memories. Thanks to the parents who placed their trust in us!

29 Jun 2021

More memories on a Vacation with a Purpose to Zimbabwe

More memories made while in Zimbabwe on a Vacation with a Purpose – here are some photos from the Saturday spent on the farm, feeding the pigs, goats and sheep (part of AFCA’s livelihood’s program) as well as a day teaching how to play games, how to do martial arts and doing repairs to the matron's room.

27 Jun 2021

Play hard and laugh even harder

Sally and I arrive at the farm twenty minutes before the team and we discuss the #AFCAids goat multiplication center she houses for us. Each goat I see looks great...friendly, happy, healthy. It is good to see names I recognize and to see all the babies prancing around. Thando, the man who oversees the care of the goats, walks towards us and says that one goat, Goosie, has likely lost her baby before she gave birth. His face is calm, but he is concerned, so the three of us walk over to check her out. I stand back, watching Sally and Thando at work and observe how gently they handle [...]

23 Jun 2021

Greenhouses going up!

Yesterday's greenhouse photos with white clouds. Today's, with blue sky. All signs point to good weather tomorrow, with little wind, which means the plastic can be put in the massive structure. This is so exciting, as so many children will eat from the produce grown here! And, papaya trees are being covered for protection from the morning frost. If half the trees make it, i will call it a giant win, as they will produce thousands of fruits, full of vitamins and deliciousness. Grow, little trees. Grow!

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