rice, pork and amaranth greensNormally, I make my own breakfasts with oatmeal or eggs, but with my oatmeal sitting in the lost box in Bangui, I ate locally prepared breakfasts, which consisted of coffee, bread and something else – some sort of surprise, like avocado, fish, pasta, eel, sardines, bananas, or peanuts.

Amaranth greens, rice and either pork or goat or fish made up every single one of our lunches this past week, with no variety on how the veggies and rice were prepared. They were delicious and am glad I enjoy the greens with hot peppers added to them.

Dinners were more varied – shawarma, pork and fries (!!!!) being two favorites. Regular white potatoes are rare in this part of the country and we splurged in fries one evening, not realizing we’d pay $5 per person for our dinners. Crazy expensive but yummy.

I ate my one of my favorite fruits, mangosteens, as well as bananas, red apple (very different from American red apples), and ngbolo. There was a new fruit I wanted to try, but after my allergic reaction to the ngbolo, that idea was nixed, much to my chagrin.

We finished our food tour in Bangui with chicken shawarma for me and a burger for Mandaba for lunch one day and home made burritos that evening.