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The last Bonus Challenge starts today....

The non-profit team that gets the most donations this week gets $10,000 for their organization.

And, the VIP ticket contest this week is so easy. All you have to do to win is give at least $10 to AFCA. With just a $10 donation to AFCA, you're automatically entered to see Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon, Alicia Keys and John Mayer at the Global Citizen Festival.

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Bonus Challenge #4 starts today...

The non-profit team that raises the most by September 17th at 12pm ET wins an extra $10,000 for their cause.

And, Crowdrise has got a super great VIP ticket contest too. The non-profit team that wins the Bonus Challenge also gets the VIP Global Citizen Festival tickets. Amazing.

So, if AFCA raises the most, we'll get $10k plus the VIP tickets which we'll raffle off to raise even more to help even more kids!.

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American Foundation for Children with AIDS

Bonus Challenge #3 starts today and this one's all about speed...

The first non-profit team to raise $2500 from 10 unique donors by September 10th at 12pm ET wins an extra $10,000 for their cause. If a non-profit team raises at least $2500 from at least 10 donors on day one, the contest is over. So, you gotta act fast.

And, everyone who raises at least $100 for your cause this week gets automatically entered to win 2 VIP tickets to see Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon, Alicia Keys and John Mayer at the Global Citizen Festival.

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As you know, we're competing in an amazing campaign called the #STARTARYOT Challenge sponsored by the news site, We're out to win the grand prize of $75k. Plus, each week they're giving all participating Non-Profit Teams a chance to win a bonus $10,000. We're definitely out to win.

As a crazy extra bonus, RYOT is also throwing in 2 VIP on-stage tickets to the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park featuring Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon, Alicia Keys, and John Mayer. So amazing.



We're part of an amazing campaign called the #STARTARYOT Challenge sponsored by, a revolutionary news site that gives every story a related action. RYOT is putting up a grand prize of $75,000 to the charity that raises the most money during a 5-week charity competition and we're going to be fundraising like mad to win.

Plus, any charity that raises at least $1000 this week, will be entered to win an extra $10,000. Amazing, right? We gotta do this.


AFCA is participating in an online challenge called the #StartARYOT.   (RYOT* is a unique sort of on-line news organization with a social conscience)  RYOT will be making HUGE donations to the three charities who raise the most donations during their challenge - $75k for first place, $50k for second and $25k for third.  We sure would like to be one of the top three charities, and we need your help in order for this to happen!

So, want a chance to win some cool prizes while helping a very worthwhile organization at the same time??  Who wouldn’t?!?!  Well, here’s how to do it:

By Betsy Dorsey, Warehouse Manager (volunteer)

The American Foundation for Children with AIDS has a warehouse in Lebanon, PA, from where hundreds of volunteers sort, inventory, package and ship medical supplies and equipment to AFCA’s partners in various countries in Africa.  This Medical Supply Surplus program helps clinics and hospitals who would otherwise not have the sutures, needles, syringes, beds, wheelchairs, ultrasound machines, etc in order to care for their patients.  Thousands of patients benefit from these items!   Another benefit from our sending these items is that we are keeping good items out of the landfills.

Fatima and her grandmaShe is 15 years old and has a dream.  She dreams of continuing her education so that she can, one day, provide for her 3 younger siblings and her grandma.  She dreams of one day moving to the big city of Bulawayo so she can attend the university there and become a doctor.  She dreams of getting married one day and of becoming a mom. 

Not so long ago, Fatima dreamed of eating enough food and not going to bed hungry. 

While not all her dreams have come true yet, by all signs we see, Fatima will be able to accomplish some of the goals she's laid out before her in the very near future.  As the proud owner of a herd of goats which she's taken care of thoughout the last year, she is well on her way of accomplishing her dream of eating well - she couldn't believe how good milk is when she first tried it!  With the veggie garden her family is growing, thanks to the seeds we sent them. Fatima and her siblings and grandma have added kale, beans, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, and onions to their diet, as well.  This makes her happy, as she no longer goes to bed hungry and she doesn't hear her siblings complaining of stomachs that are painful in their emptyness.

Last summer I was tremendously blessed to be able to see first hand what AFCA is all about. I spent 2 months with Tanya Weaver and her lovely family in Zimbabwe where I was able to work with the livestock program happening there. Not only was every dollar used wisely to benefit the children, but also every emotion. I watched as Tanya stayed up late at night to make sure she was doing all she could for these beautiful little people.

When we would go to the sites to deliver the goats, I was always amazed with the gratitude the people had and how everyone knew Tanya and AFCA and would call her name and hug us saying " thank you, thank you” . One thing that I loved the most, was how Tanya responded to them - she acted as if they were her family, or like an old friend she had known all her life. She would talk to them and want to know their story, and she would give them a special kind of hope.

AFCA provided these people with something that will and has changed their lives forever - not only will the goats provide food in the future but also fresh milk, wool and income. AFCA thought of practically everything when it came to this program!  They picked the perfect hearty, local goats that would be able to eat off of the land so animal feed would not be needed. They also provided the families with training so that they will be able to prosper as much as possible from the goats that they received.  I watched some of the trainings, as well as the dancing and singing as the children and their guardians received the animals.  It was awesome! I am blessed and honored to say that I worked with an organization whose staff is willing to do anything to give hope to hurting children. Not a penny given is ever wasted as everything goes to help the kids. 

Thank you AFCA for all of your hard work

Morgan Parry

This is to testify that American Foundation for Children with AIDS has partnered ZOE since 2005 reaching to the orphans in Zimbabwe directly through the churches in many areas of the nation and also through the clinics in those areas.

When we requested Cotrimoxazole & Paracetamol (Tylenol) suspension and tablets for 1,000 Orphan Children infected by HIV and AIDS because there was a great shortage in the country, they supplied the same which were administered to the children who were being visited by church volunteers, working through the local doctors and clinics.  They also supply porridge for 1,000 families caring for orphans infected by HIV & AIDS, which first of all was shipped in containers from USA and is now purchased in-country. When we shared the predicament of teenage orphan girls not even being able to purchase the necessary sanitary provisions for themselves, we also received a shipment of the same which were distributed directly to where the need was through our volunteers who regularly visit the orphans in their families in different parts of the country.

AFCA has assisted in writing for grants for the ZOE programmes on our behalf, of which grants all proceeds have come to ZOE and AFCA has not taken one cent towards their administrative costs. Much of this funding has been to benefit our rural livelihoods programme, providing livestock in the way of goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, and guinea fowl which have been given to 628 orphan families. From these a selection of offspring will be passed on to further families after appropriate years or months according to the animal and the nature of its breeding, thus ensuring the sustainability of the programme. Also, they provide seeds and trainings for vegetable gardens and veterinary kits as ZOE works in conjunction with the local veterinary officers, but there is a marked shortage of drugs to prevent and heal the diseases which afflict these animals.

Yet another great contribution of note is that they realized from their visits how many times in the week our electricity is cut (in fact throughout the nation this is so) and that was a great hindrance to communication, so AFCA provided funding to purchase a generator.

ZOE send reports to AFCA and we appreciate their annual visits in which they monitor how we are using the funds and also find out from “the ground” what our further needs might be.

Yours Faithfully,

Denford Munemo
National Director

Zimbabwe Orphans through Extended Hands
(Church Community Orphan Care)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have had the blessing and benefit of working with the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) since 2009, and have seen great works come from this association. The heart of the mission of this wonderful organization is to care for children with HIV, and AIDS, and I have seen evidence that this is done in a timely, responsible, and loving manner. We have benefited from their generosity and their donations by the help they have given to us in Uganda, with the funding of education for doctors, nurses and midwives, and the distribution of school supplies. They have sent separate shipments of 3 containers of supplies to help equip a pediatric clinic for children with HIV and malaria, as well as the recent outpatient clinic for maternity and elderly care. These supplies have also provided a mechanism for the people to raise funds for a storage building, and other important complements to the medical complex.

Representatives from AFCA have traveled to our clinics yearly, and have added their knowledge and suggestions to help the improvement of the care for the children there.

I know that this organization has truly changed the lives of innumerable children and adults in one village in Africa, and we are just one example of the good they have done, and continue to do, for those in great need.


Sylvia D. Campbell, MD FACS

217 S. Matanzas Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33609


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