Fundraising is easier than ever with the rise of the internet and the many different platforms people can use to raise money for a non-profit. With AFCA’s “Vacation with a Purpose” program, individuals are able to vacation to various different countries and have a direct impact on communities in need. All it takes is a little bit of fundraising to get you there! Here are five ways you can fundraise for your next amazing vacation with AFCA. 

  1. Crowdfunding 

Ever heard of Indiegogo or Kickstarter? What about GoFundMe? With the help of social media it’s easier than ever to source funds from various people on the internet. With just a few clicks, individuals or organizations can gather money from, that’s right, “a crowd,” or large group of people to jumpstart a project, fund a charity, or raise money for a personal need. Regardless of the platform, sites like GoFundMe are a great first step in getting the word out about your new adventure with AFCA! 

  1. Create/Sell Something 

If you are more of the creative type, this option might be more your style. Think about it this way, if you already have a hobby that you love doing, why not promote it online as a way to fundraise? People can support you, your hobbies, and your charity work. Try selling watercolor paintings or knitted socks. Sites like Etsy and Ebay are perfect to get the word out about your creative endeavors. Just make sure you tell your clients that the money goes to a good cause! 

  1. Host An Event 

This is one of the more traditional ways to fundraise. Finding yourself wanting to throw a party? Throw a fundraising party! Guests can donate a certain amount to attend, or give throughout the event. There are many different ways you can structure these events so that they are both fun for the guests and raise the amount of money you need. Be aware that this might be the more expensive option, as charity balls or events may cost a nice chunk of change to throw together. 

  1. Write Letters or Send Emails 

This option is more personal. Sometimes people appreciate a handwritten letter that explains the non-profit and your reasons for wanting their donation. Besides, with most fundraising platforms taking to social media, it might be nice for some people to receive a letter in their physical mailbox. However, if you are looking for a fast and efficient way to reach a large amount of people, sending an email might be more your speed. Make sure to add in a personalized touch, whether that be a signature or a kind greeting, just to show that this fundraiser means a lot to you. 

  1. Host A Virtual Fundraising Event

Nowadays, everyone has become well acquainted with Zoom. Younger generations will also be aware that streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube are perfect for establishing a live virtual event that reaches people worldwide. Creating a livestream is almost always free and easy to set up. You can establish how much you’d like people to donate and talk to your viewers while the event is taking place. This is also a great chance for you to talk to people about your reasons for vacationing with AFCA!