Have you wanted to travel and make a difference at the same time? It certainly feels like a difficult task. How can you travel, gain valuable experiences, and make an impact all at the same time? AFCA has opportunities available for you!

AFCA runs a variety of sustainable traveling programs, including Climb Up and Vacation with a Purpose and managing other sustainability programs. These programs allow those interested to travel while also aiding in great causes.

The Climb Up program encourages people to gather a party of 4 to 10 people to undertake a hike to some of the most beautiful locations on the planet, including but not limited to Nepal, New Zealand, and Kilimanjaro. Trip costs fund AFCA’s various projects. The Climb Up program is a great way to see beautiful parts of the world and make a positive impact at the same time.

Vacation with a Purpose incentivizes trips to various countries in Africa, wherein participants gain insights into foreign cultures and positively impact local communities through various service projects. These projects vary depending on the needs of each country and the skills of the volunteers. Regardless, the experience is life-changing for the volunteers and the people being aided.

AFCA also maintains its own sustainability program, which is community funded, to contribute to sustainable programs in various African countries. The funding goes to numerous initiatives such as funding community gardens, greenhouses, breeding centers for animals, and the Sisal project, which allows HIV+ positive mothers to earn a decent living while working a 3-day week. More information can be found on our website.

Now is as great a time as ever to get involved and make a difference while seeing beautiful locations. Get out, see the world, and make a positive impact!