Have you ever wondered how some nonprofits get represented in a big way, like on the Jumbotron at the Super Bowl or between races at the Indy500? AFCA will be featured in the 100th running of the Indy500 at the end of May! We received a call from the company that coordinates the Jumbotron saying that they had extra slots available specifically to nonprofits. From a marketing perspective, it was a little challenging to weigh whether this was the right event for a nonprofit that benefits children with AIDS in Africa, but when we considered the demographic that attends an Indy race and value of the spots, we realized that advertising on the Jumbotron could be a lot of fun for AFCA.

The next challenge was determining what offering from AFCA would be relevant to Indy fans. Indycarsponsor.com lists the demographics of Indy fans:

  • 40 million IndyCar Series fans worldwide
  • Desirable and diverse audience of well-educated adults with greater discretionary income
  • Nearly three times as likely to try a new brand
  • More brand loyal than average customer
  • High propensity for travel

Based on this and the disposable income of an average race day ticket holder, AFCA developed a series of 30- and 15-second spots offering Climb Up So Kids Can Grow Up. The Climb Up program recruits teams of adventurous hikers who attempt to summit peaks like Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu after reaching a fundraising goal. Climbers support the mission of The American Foundation for Children with AIDS by fundraising and, in turn, get to experience the adventure of a lifetime. You can find more information about Climb Up, including how you could cross Kilimanjaro off your bucket list at www.afcaids.org/climb.

The ad spots for the Jumbotron are still being developed and we will share them as soon as we can, but the themes include:

  • Life is short; Climb now
  • Stuck in the bleachers? Climb Up instead

We will share some proprietary footage of past climbers approaching the summit. Imagine being able to cross Kilimanjaro orMachu Picchu off your bucket list while helping a top ranked charity make life hope-filled for children infected and affected by AIDS. That’s the impact that a few regular people who step beyond their comfort zone can have – and that’s the impact we hope to leave with the fans of the Indy500.

If you plan to be at the race – or if you’ll be on the couch that weekend – but you want a bigger challenge than sitting on the sidelines, join us now. http://www.afcaids.org/climb