It’s a new year, and a time to pause and set goals for the year ahead. The last two years have really given us a time to think about what really matters in our lives and what we can do without. Part of your planning for the year should include sustained or monthly giving as a way to measure your impact, as well as making a gifting plan for tax planning purposes.

Making a personal plan for giving includes asking yourself some questions: Why do you want to give? What do you want to give? How do you want to give? Putting some thought into your plan will assure that you are giving with mindfulness, and not out of guilt, and that you can track the investment you are making by seeing the impact of your gifts to the American Foundation for Children with AIDS. By following a more mindful approach, you will see the difference you are making, and it will be a much more joyful experience.

Why give to AFCA? What sets us apart from many other charitable organizations is the fact that we are a very lean charity, with 90% of all donations going directly to our programs that create sustainable livelihoods for children infected and/or affected by AIDS/HIV. As an AFCA Village Member, you’ll get the benefit of seeing your dollars put directly to work and also…

  • Be invited to join AFCA leadership in two webinars each year, where you’ll hear their perspective on AFCA programs, updates from the field, and you will be able to join the conversation; and,
  • Receive an annual impact statement and giving summary.

What will I give to AFCA? Perhaps there is a monthly subscription box that you’re no longer using and is collecting dust, or a TV app you’re no longer watching. Taking a mindful minute to assess your monthly subscriptions that you might no longer be interested in is a good way to find extra funds to transfer to a monthly gift to AFCA. That monthly gift opens the door to participation in our AFCA Village group with insider information on the direct impact that your donations are making. Maybe there is a specific targeted amount you need to consider for tax purposes at the end of the year that you can spread out through monthly contributions. These types of gifts allow AFCA to depend on regular cash flow that helps to fund programs throughout the year instead of depending on larger donations at the end of the year.

How will I give to AFCA? AFCA makes it easy to make recurring donations through our website.

AFCE accepts donations in the form of cash, checks, and donations through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Government employees also can donate through the CFC (code 12424). AFCA has also partnered with The Giving Block in order to accept many forms of cryptocurrency through their secure payment system. Stretch your dollar’s impact and check for employee matching. Our donation page allows you to select your employer, and check for the matching amount for you!

Your monthly gift can provide the following:

  • $10/mo › Can provide two families with water filters each year
  • $25/mo › Can feed a child for a month, giving them balanced, nutritious meals
  • $50/mo › Can pay monthly high school fees, giving a child the gift of education
  • $100/mo › Can provide a family with a trio of pregnant goats every quarter

We hope that you consider AFCA as a sustained monthly donor. Your impact can be measured and reported, and because we are a small organization, you can feel a deeper sense of connection to the work you’re supporting.

Set up your monthly giving now!