Ten things I learned today:

1. Rebar does not make a good curtain rod if you want to slide the curtain
2. Carrying a portable solar charger is the way to go.
3. It is possible to make an emergency cup of coffee with instant coffee, powdered milk and cold water!
4. Packing a million snacks is smart, especially when you don’t have the opportunity to shop in-country
5. Holding on to sadness is damaging
6. Speaking multiple languages is the way to go – it opens doors, builds relationships, allows for independence and confidence, and gives you the world from which to learn
7. Colorful flowers brighten my day anyway, especially when seen on the side of the road
8. Excuses are exhausting
9. There is so much more to people than we want to admit because doing so might mean we are wrong or unjust in our presuppositions.
10. Old bills are disgusting. Why do they exist, yet I must bring brand new bills, with no tears, markings or folds?