Always something exciting happening here!

15 people were just removed from the plane from Kinshasa to Gemena. No explanations have been given to those of us who are waiting to take off…just hand picked people asked to get off after some drama. I am so curious to find out what is happening!

I see angry hands and bodies outside the plane, with plenty of airport security surrounding them. Tickets are waving in the air and even though I can’t hear the voices, I feel they are loud and angry, other than the one super-confused-looking lady, who just looks lost.

UPDATE: Three people got on the flight and were late, so they were no longer on the flight manifest (don’t even ask how they got on the plane). When a head count was done, there were extra people on board and they were asked to get off. The other twelve thought that a little strike would help the others stay in, so they argued and were asked to leave. And once off the plane, there was no letting them back on.

Baggage is currently getting offloaded for those staying behind and we’ve gone through the same process with all the overhead baggage. Fun days!!!