We’re part of an amazing campaign called the #STARTARYOT Challenge sponsored by RYOT.org, a revolutionary news site that gives every story a related action. RYOT is putting up a grand prize of $75,000 to the charity that raises the most money during a 5-week charity competition and we’re going to be fundraising like mad to win.

Plus, any charity that raises at least $1000 this week, will be entered to win an extra $10,000. Amazing, right? We gotta do this.

And, as if that weren’t enough, this week, RYOT is giving away 2 VIP on-stage tickets to the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park. The concert features Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon, Alicia Keys, and John Mayer. The tickets are crazy good and include on-stage seats, lots of exclusive merchandise, entry into the pre-show VIP party and all sorts of other perks.

Everyone who starts a fundraiser for our #STARTARYOT Challenge campaign and raises at least $100 by August 27th at 12:00pm ET will be entered to win the 2 VIP Global Citizen Festival tickets. By starting a fundraiser, not only are you in the running to win these crazy good tickets, but you’re also helping us get closer to winning the $10,000 this week and the grand prize of $75,000. To get going, please click the button below.


We’ll be emailing quite a bit over the course of the campaign so thanks in advance for all your support. You’re amazing and we’re so so excited about the #STARTARYOT Challenge.

If you don’t feel like fundraising, you can definitely Click Here and give. We appreciate it so much.

Thank you,

American Foundation for Children with AIDS