AFCA is participating in an online challenge called the #StartARYOT.   (RYOT* is a unique sort of on-line news organization with a social conscience)  RYOT will be making HUGE donations to the three charities who raise the most donations during their challenge – $75k for first place, $50k for second and $25k for third.  We sure would like to be one of the top three charities, andwe need your help in order for this to happen!

So, want a chance to win some cool prizes while helping a very worthwhile organization at the same time??  Who wouldn’t?!?!  Well, here’s how to do it:


  1. Start by making a donation of $10 at on August 19 (after 12:00pm EST) or on the 20th – the earlier we get donations, the bigger the traction we can create
  2. Share the RYOT Challenge information and our Crowdrise page through social media with as many people as possible during the dates of the competition, asking them to each donate $10 and to share with others
  3. Write emails to friends who have a heart for children and do the same as numbers 1 and 2 above. Give them ideas as how they can raise funds to help our kids. Some ideas are:
    1. Hold a bake sale or yard sale and donate the proceeds
    2. Don’t eat out for the first 4 weeks of the Challenge and donate what you saved
    3. Eat beans and rice for one week and donate what you would have spent on regular meals
    4. Give up your daily purchase at Starbucks for 2 weeks and donate the proceeds
    5. Ask your church, synagogue, mosque, or other house of worship to take a special collection and donate the proceeds

To make this fun for everyone, we have some neat incentives for donors:


  • The first 200 people who donate $25 or more will be eligible for a chance to win one of two cool prizes. The winner of the first drawing will receive a gift certificate for ANY ITEM of your choice on the Ahnu website – – including shipping! The winner of the second drawing will win $150 in gift certificates for Mountain


  • The first 100 people who donate $100 or more will receive a chance to win a 4-Night Stay in a One-Bedroom Condo at any Vacation Internationale location in the U.S.(including Hawaii), Canada or Mexico (airfare not included)! To see available locations, visit the VI website at:
    Note: We must receive a minimum of 20 donations at the $100 level in order for anyone to be eligible for this drawing.



  • And here’s the biggie: For each donation of $250, you will receive a chance to win a4-Night Stay in an Ocean View Room at Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort with Airfare for 2! And with this drawing, you will receive a “ticket” for every $250 you donate, if you are able to donate at a higher level than $250! We are limiting this drawing to only 50 “tickets” so you’ve got a great chance of winning!
    Note: We must receive a minimum of 20 donations at the $250 level in order for anyone to be eligible for this drawing.


(NOTE:  Those who donate $250 or more will be contacted AFCA after the challenge closes to determine which of the 2 large prizes you would like your donation to apply to, as you won’t qualify for both.  But you will also be in the drawings for the gift certificates.)


* RYOT:  The name of this on-line organization is actually not an acronym, but rather a philosophy.  In the Hindi language the word Ryot means “peasant”: an untouchable, a person without a voice. The name also stems from the Martin Luther King Jr. quote, “A riot is the language of the unheard.”  Their philosophy is that anyone can make a productive impact no matter who they are, with the help of organized effort rather than chaos.  They provide their readers a way to take action and have an impact on what they read in the news.

#Startaryot with us today!.