Hasn’t that phrase been completed by a hundred-and-one commercial companies?  Some try to convince you that you should buy a ring for your girlfriend at “so-and-so-store” or take him out to eat at “name-exclusive-restaurant-here”.

Sometimes it seems as if that is all that Valentine’s Day means, getting caught up in some large over-rated commercial gimmick.  I tend to agree.  I don’t typically buy anything for Valentine’s Day.  I prefer to spend the money on something better.  And let’s face it; you know you often spend more than you should just because it’s the fourteenth.

I have an idea.  I’ve tried it with my friends and it spread like wildfire.  Allow me to finish the sentence above for you.  Nothing says, “I Love You” like… using the money to send life and hope through a charity like AFCA.  Nothing says, “I Love You” like buying five chickens ($30) for sustainable food.  Nothing says, “I Love You” like one year of lifesaving medicine.

I must say that if my boyfriend presented me with a donation confirmation this Valentine’s Day, I would be so moved to have such a caring and giving man.  Admit it, every women loves a man who is adorable and thoughtful! 🙂

To make things easier, AFCA offers a Valentine’s catalog.  Have a look at this link http://afcaids.org/get-involved/catalog and give a meaningful gift from the heart today!

Roberta Rizzo