AFCA fully supports that the power of youth cannot be underestimated in a changing world. With this is mind we want to train youth in husbandry and gardening, and to purchase, transport, and deliver livestock and seeds to AIDS orphans. Once the orphans receive livestock (goats, chickens, guinea fowl, sheep, or pigs), they also receive non-genetically modified seeds to start personal gardens. While youth drink milk and eat eggs from their animals, their gardens grow, giving the kids green vegetables, corn, and peanuts while their animals reproduce and herds/flocks grow. After a predetermined amount of time, when the flocks are large, the youth are allowed to sell, barter, slaughter, and eat their animals. With budgeting and marketing training, the youth are business owners who are able to care for themselves, paying for their own medicine, food, rent, and needs. Once the agreed-upon time has passed, the original beneficiaries must give some of their livestock to another orphan family, passing their good fortune forward to others.

How amazing does this sound?? And what’s even better, the Good for Youth Challenge can provide the funding so that we can expand this program which we’ve already piloted with 300+ orphaned families.

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