In a continuing effort to support the American Foundation for Children with AIDs (AFCA), LCI Brands™ is participating in the Live Below the Line campaign, which challenges individuals to spend less than $1.50 on food and drink per day for 5 days. The idea is for participants to experience the struggles of those who live in poverty on a daily basis, and to gather donations for organizations that strive to eliminate poverty, such as AFCA.

The Live Below the Line website offers resources such as food costs and recipes; tips for fundraising, such as hosting an office cook-off or planning a dinner party that costs $0.50 per guest; and ideas to reach out to schools, companies, and faith organizations.

“I’m participating in the Live Below the Line campaign to raise awareness of the lack of choice and opportunity of 1.2 billion people in this world that live in extreme poverty,” said Jen Panattoni, Director of Marketing.

She added, “I will live on just $1.50, which is the international extreme poverty line as defined by the World Bank to highlight the struggles of these 1.2 billion people and to support the work of the American Foundation for Children with AIDs.”

Live Below the Line began in 2010 in Australia and now includes participants from the US, the UK, and New Zealand. The first year of the campaign raised over $520,000 and funded several projects such as a primary school opening in remote Papua New Guinea and a teacher certification program in Cambodia. The donations were also used to provide scholarships to students around the world. The 2015 campaign will run from April 27th to May 1st.

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