AFCA is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day. Every day, we try our hardest to empower woman in communities stricken with the AIDs virus. Though programming and the work of volunteers, we provide:

      • Safe hospitals and maternity wards equipped with instruments needed for the safe delivery of babies
      • Medicine and counseling for women with AIDs that are pregnant
      • After Care support for women with AIDs to assure their baby is growing and thriving
      • For Babies born with AIDs, medical assessment, testing and care plans
      • A safe place for girls with AIDS to receive medication, be treated, and to connect with other girls to play without stigma
      • Education around sanitary health for girls to continue their school educations
      • Programming for women to become financially independent through things like development of small business, farming, husbandry
      • Provision of reusable sanitary pads to school aged girls so they do not miss any school days due to their period
      • School supplies for orphans so they can continue their education
      • Hygiene kits for women who have just given birth and for orphaned girls who have no one to provide for them

On this day, we turn our minds and hearts to the woman all over the globe that are marginalized. Together, we can make a difference, and lift women up, because when women rise, we all rise up!

To find out more about AFCA’s work with women and girls, please  To find out how you can volunteer through sewing layette blankets for babies, reusable pad kits for girls and women, or by volunteering on one of our sites, please contact us at