On the road again…

Actually, in the air again – to Nairobi (Kenya), Johannesburg (South Africa) and finally, by tomorrow afternoon, to Bulawayo (Zimbabwe)!
Spend the afternoon and evening with a friend, eating shwarma and catching up on life, kids, husbands, and work. After a hot shower (an actual shower with hot water!) and my last packet of coffee and a final hug, I arrived well to the airport, thanks to the best taxi driver ever, the bopping Dode. I am so glad to be able to call him when I need a safe, . He isn’t fazed by anything. NOTHING. He just sways his body from side to side to the rhythms he listens to and scoots in and out of traffic that would melt the bravest of hearts. After years with AFCA, I no longer tense up nor stress out in taxis or cars, but really, Dode is just plain good.

I took so many photos on the long ride to the airport because it is hard to describe so much that I see, hear and smell on those taxi rides.