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Registration Opens on May 15

Please join us in getting fit for a good cause with AFCA’s virtual race through Africa! You will make your way through all of Africa’s major cities, by logging your virtual run, walk or bike workouts, and it could not be easier to connect to your fitness app! We’ve partnered with the virtual race platform, Charity Footprints, a leader in virtual races to create a memorable and fun experience for participants.

Why participate in this virtual walk? Many of us need some motivation to get moving when the weather is nicer in the  spring, and this is just the way to shake off the spider webs of winter, and start moving towards your summer goals. 

If you’re training for a marathon, we could use your miles! If you’re already working towards a goal of training for an event like a big run, ironman, triathlon or even a couch to 5K, don’t waste those miles and apply them to our virtual race! Every step gets us closer to our goal!

#30000Miles is a virtual walk/run/ride through Africa. The goal is for participants to walk a collective 30,090 miles, either by simply going about their daily routine or by actively walking/running/cycling to help AFCA reach its goal. Steps/miles are tracked by Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch/Health kit, Google Fit, Strava, or  Misfit, an app provided at registration. If participants want to, they can fundraise beyond the $25 registration fee, but there is no requirement to do so. 

The virtual race begins on May 15  and ends on July 15, 2023 or whenever the collective goal of 30,000 miles is reached, whichever is first.

#30000Miles allows walkers, runners and cyclists to provide critical aid to children without changing their daily routine – any number of steps taken in a day will help us reach the capitals of all countries in mainland Africa, without having to travel!  Biking counts and adds to our collective mileages fast, so log all those cycling workouts!  You can also manually log your workouts from equipment such as peloton workouts and more! Think how you can apply the workouts you are already doing for this virtual charity race!

Follow along with us on social media as we track the cities and countries that we explore on this virtual race through the continent. Learn about the foods of Africa and get recipes for dishes like Moroko Mash or Bobotie. Enjoy this immersive experience celebrating the continent of Africa, getting fit and raising money for children infected and affected by AIDS.

Anyone can help, wherever they live.

Every step helps.

Registration Opens on May 15

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