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#30000Miles is a virtual walk/run/ride through Africa. The goal is for participants to walk a collective 30,090 miles, either by simply going about their daily routine or by actively walking/running/cycling to help AFCA reach its goal. Steps/miles are tracked by Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch/Health kit, Google Fit, Misfit or a free app provided at registration. If participants want to, they can fundraise beyond the $25 registration fee, but there is no requirement to do so. Of course, there will be a nice gift for those who decide to fundraise and who reach a specific goal.

The walk/run begins on September 1, and ends on October 31, 2020 or whenever the collective goal of 30,000 miles is reached, whichever is first.

#30000Miles allows walkers, runners and cyclists to provide critical aid to children without changing their daily routine – any number of steps taken in a day will help us reach the capitals of all countries in mainland Africa, without having to travel!

Anyone can help, wherever they live.

Every step helps.

7 months ago

30000 Miles

To all who participated in #30000Miles, THANK YOU! We will be sending out t-shirts to all who raised $100 or more, so if that is you, keep your eyes peeled for a package from AFCA. We are grateful to each of you. ...

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7 months ago

30000 Miles

This is our last day in our walk through Africa, where we tried covering #30000Miles to gether. Can you believe we are on our way to South Sudan? Since it is hot here, let’s learn how to make a nice, fresh tomato salad as it is so refreshing. Try this South Sudanese version with peanut butter bit.ly/2lJEVhJ for a different take to what might become a staple in your home. Yes, it is that simple and that good! Recipe and photo credit: Global Table Adventure. #AFCAids #BeKind #LoveWell ...

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