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Welcome to AFCA’s “Vacation with a Purpose” program. “Vacation with a Purpose” (VWP) provides amazing travel opportunities with unique insights into foreign cultures while offering opportunity for participants to make positive contributions to the world in which we live.  Not only will you impact a local community, working side-by-side with them, but a portion of your fees also goes to support the programs of AFCA’s partners in sub-Saharan Africa.   

VWP Team Our trips are open to individuals, groups, students, and families (minimum age 14). VWP team sizes range from 8 to 30 people depending on location and typically last 14 days.  

Each trip includes a work project where we work side-by-side with members of the local community. These projects vary depending on the needs of our in-country partners and the particular skills of the volunteers. They may include repair and minor construction work to homes, schools and/or clinics; teaching English; working with women’s and/or children’s groups; planting food gardens; helping with computer skills – and a myriad of other projects that improve the situation for children in that community.  With each project, you will have ample time to interact with the community including working with local volunteers and workmen, playing games, community events, etc.

Each team travels with an experienced team leader (see “Team Leader Bios” section). Your team leader is responsible for building the team, planning the trip, keeping team members informed, coordinating with the local partner while in-country, administering team finances, and monitoring safety. 

Our trips are not luxury vacations, and you will work hard.  In exchange, you will to develop friendships and memories to last a lifetime and experience someone else’s culture while catching a glimpse into their life, all while making a difference.  It’s all a part of what makes a volunteer vacation so memorable!

So take the challenge to come, see, experience, and make a difference in the lives of others!


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