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What is it? 30000Miles is a virtual walk through Africa. The goal is for participants to walk a collective 30,000 miles, either by simply going about their daily routine or by actively walking/running to help AFCA reach its goal. Steps/miles are tracked by Fitbit, Garmin or a free app provided at registration. There is a small fundraising component to this campaign, with a nice gift for those who reach a specific goal.

How it works: Each participant will pay $10 to participate and will be asked to fundraise a minimum of $200 for the American Foundation for Children with AIDS. When registering, they will register their Fitbit or Garmin, or will sign into a free app, provided by us at registration (this is how steps/distance walked or run will be tracked). As a thank you for your participation, once you’ve raised at least $200, you will receive a $50 Nike gift card so you can invest in a great pair of sneakers, a step tracker, or any other gear you've had your eyes on.

Each participant will create their own personalized fundraising page which will track both their steps/miles and fundraising. Everyone’s totals will be added together on a main page, which will show our cumulative progress as we walk from city to city throughout mainland Africa. The more people who register, the faster we can get from Capetown, South Africa to Rabat, Morocco!

When: Registration is open from April 22 - May 20. The walk itself begins on May 21 and goes for 90 days.

Why participate? This project allows one to provide critical aid to children without changing their own daily routine much at all—any number of steps taken in a day will help AFCA reach their goal and participants do not need to travel to a particular destination in order to participate.

Anyone can help, wherever they live. Every step helps!


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Get involved today and make a child's life better!


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