Zimbabwe Web Extras

This site provides comprehensive information about Zimbabwe on a child’s level. This site will lead to multiple sites and topics about Zimbabwe.

This site is a general overview of the country of Zimbabwe. No lesson plans, however valuable general information.

This link provides the instructions for 2 fun Zimbabwean games to play with your students or that students can play on their own.

This is a CIA website which provides an overview of the country of Zimbabwe.

This link provides the story of Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters which is considered to be the African Cinderella story.

This National Geographic site allows the learner to explore Zimbabwe with a scavenger type approach. Students view various artifacts through photos in order to determine the use and/or purpose of a particular object used in everyday life.

This site contains lesson plans and information for the high school student. It asks the students to think about the responsibilities of other nations in response to the turbulence in Zimbabwe. This site would lend itself to an excellent debate.

This site provides excellent recipes for the country of Zimbabwe. Other general information is also provided.

*This site contains a list of names for babies in Zimbabwe. The site also contains information on pregnancy that may not be suitable for all ages.