• official language: English
  • Shona — only language spoken in the area that is now Zimbabwe until the Ndebele arrived in the early 1800s — 66% of Zimbabweans speak Shona
  • Ndebele — spoken by 20%

(Rogers, Barbara R and Rogers, Stillman D. Zimbabwe. New York, NY: Children’s Press, 2002.)

Zimbabwe Language Lesson Plan Ideas

  1. Teach one or two new Shona words or phrases using the English/Shona chart. Each day, continue to review the words already taught.
  2. Have students complete the Shona word search puzzle – for an extra challenge, have them write the English word next to the Shona word.
  3. Encourage your students to teach the new words to their friends and family.
  4. Have students start using some of the words throughout the day.