Common Animals in Zimbabwe

(hyperlinked animals have information and pictures provided)

(Rogers, Barbara R and Rogers, Stillman D. Zimbabwe. New York, NY: Children’s Press, 2002.)


Lesson Plan Ideas for Animals in Zimbabwe

Quick and Easy:

  1. Have the students gather around as you read the information about each animal – show the pictures to them. Allow for discussion.
  2. Have students write about the pictures they see. (English Connection – here you will find a worksheet for students to write about what they see)
  3. Encourage students to learn more about the animals by getting books from the library.
  4. Check out some fun websites that have more photos and/or video of the animals found in Zimbabwe

Going deeper:

  1. Have students research the other animals that are listed as common in the country but do not have a fact sheet attached.
    • Animal Report (Here you will find a one-page worksheet for students outlining some basics of animal research)
  2. Individually or as small groups, have students write a report on the animal they are researching.
  3. Individually or as small groups, have students create a poster of the animal.
  4. Allow students to present their report and/or poster to the class.