Uganda – Web Extras
This informational site provides an overview of the tradition, history, culture, people, food, family system, religious beliefs, economy, and other relevant topics.  Suitable for researching.  Lesson plans not included.
This site contains lesson plans and stories of cultural, geographical, and language arts for students.  Suitable for grades 3-12.
This website contains links to lesson plans K-12.  It includes stories, slide shows, games, literature, maps, art, social and cultural awareness.
Uganda Children’s Charity Foundation is featured in this website.  It features Ugandan musical instruments, dance, dress, and singing while drawing attention to the plight of the 1.2 million people affected by HIV/AIDS.  Suitable for K-8.
A five page tour of a school and community in which Ugandan students  explain about their lives.  Suitable for grades 3-12.
Included in this site are links to various articles including history, politics, districts, geography, economy, demographics, culture and miscellaneous topics.  Grade suitability varies according to topic.
Ugandan children’s songs.  Primary grades.
This website, for primary grade students, gives basic information in an easy-to-use format.