Uganda Music and Art


  • instruments — xylophone (key instrument), harps, zithers, fiddles, flutes, horns, shakers, rattles, drums
  • Ugandan bands — Afrigo Band, Peterson Mutebi and the Tames, Freddy Kanyike and the Rwenzoris, and Jimmy Kitumba and the Ebonies
  • Singing and dancing are a significant part of the Ugandan culture.


  • ceramics
  • basketry
  • traditional woodcarvings
  • contemporary paintings

Lesson Plan Ideas for Music & Art in Uganda:

  1. Have students look at pictures of Ugandan Baskets or pictures of Ugandan Woodcarvings and complete the English connection worksheet.
  2. Talk to the art teacher at your school to see if he/she has some ideas of projects you can do with your students either in your classroom or that he/she can do with them in art class.
  3. Watch videos online of Ugandan children singing
  4.  Watch videos online of popular Ugandan bands