• Plastic sheeting, a razor to cut the umbilical cord and string to tie the cord, gloves, soap, and baby blankets make up this kit, keeping those helping with a birth safe from blood that might be contaminated with HIV or other viruses.
  • Pad Kit

    Can you believe that it is biology that keeps many girls out of school? When no supplies are available for period protection, girls miss 3-5 days of school per month! Provide a reusable pad kit so a girl can stay in school. Cost: $30
  • A school kit with pencils, pens, notebooks, scissors, ruler, glue, file folders, and colored pencils help students with items they could never afford but which are required.
  • Do you know that public schools don't usually mean "free"? Children are expected to go to school with $44 worth of books, an incredible sum! Today, you can make sure kiddos have what they need. Cost: $44 for a set of school books
  • Educators need a salary and we'd like to keep the teachers who currently work with our children as they are so very good. Our kids outperform those in local, public schools!
  • A nutritious lunch, complete with veggies, fruit, a protein (eggs, fish, beans, and/or peanut butter) will help keep young bellies full so they can learn more.
  • School fees are impossible for many children to afford. With your help, those who can't afford it can still go to school.
  • Tailoring

    From tailoring shops to sewing groups, women learn to sew by hand and on sewing machines. They make beautiful items, such as dresses, belts, backpacks and skirts, as well as practical items such as school uniforms and pad kits. Support a woman today to receive a year of training for $200
  • Sisal

    HIV+ widowed mothers are hired to work at our sisal project in Kenya. There, they receive fair pay for their work and elderly women also earn a living through making rope.
  • HIV+ women manage a large community garden that feeds orphaned and school children while providing them with a fair wage. Cost: one year of salaries $3,840 Share of Garden Package: $320
  • HIV+ moms have found good work in the rice paddy project! They earn a good living which enables them to keep kids in school and to eat well. Cost of seeding for a year: $4500. Share of Rice Package: $375
  • A water filter, a solar lamp, a female goat (you get to name her!), training, seeds, and garden tools make up this package.

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