Where do you even begin with such huge issues like global poverty and hunger? I mean, can one person even make a difference?

The truth is, you can. AFCA started a week-long food challenge, Pass My Plate, in an effort to tackle these issues and encourage others to learn about how the majority of the world live on a daily basis.

Let’s take a better look at what we are talking about. According to the World Bank, “The food system is fundamental for human life. It provides the energy and nutrition that people need as a basis for economic and social advance. It provides an income source for billions of people, many of whom are poor, and it is the largest user of the world’s natural resources. Yet about 800 million people still go to bed hungry every night, and many more suffer from the “hidden hunger” of malnutrition.  And “That’s why the world needs a food system that can feed every person, every day, everywhere with a nutritious and affordable diet, delivered in a sustainable way.”

For most of us, though we may budget for our weekly groceries, the idea of living on less than $1.90 a day seems impossible. And the truth is, it is. So back to the original question, how can one person make a difference on such large and seemingly impossible situation?

Enter: Pass My Plate

The goal of this challenge is not only to raise funds, but to enhance people’s understanding of world poverty and hunger. The funds raised will help children and their guardians in sub-Saharan Africa break a cycle of poverty and achieve self-sufficiency.

And how do you break this cycle? You give one week and shift your perspective. You give one week and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You give one week and influence the people around you. You give one week and encourage those around you to become aware. You give a week and live on less than $1.90 a day. You give one week and get creative with how you grocery shop and the meals you make. If we encourage not only ourselves, but those around us to give one week, imagine the ripple effect?

Here are seven simple steps to do your part to end world hunger and poverty:

  1. Select a week in September when you know you can take the challenge and register here
  2. Calculate what you would normally spend on food during that week and donate the difference
  3. While you don’t have to, you can create a fundraising page so that you can have others support your efforts. Ask friends and family to donate. Even if some don’t want to take the challenge, they might want to donate to a good cause
  4. If you are unable to take the challenge, donate an equal amount to what you might normally spend on food for the week
  5. If you blog, write a post and spread the word as to why you think #passmyplate is necessary and important
  6. If you are on social media, ask your network to join the #passmyplate challenge with you
  7. Think about any contacts you have in the restaurants or corporate world and ask them to help sponsor the event here

What do you think? Can you give one week to start a ripple effect? If you have any other questions or want to know how you can get started, check out the details here

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