Last summer I was tremendously blessed to be able to see first hand what AFCA is all about. I spent 2 months with Tanya Weaver and her lovely family in Zimbabwe where I was able to work with the livestock program happening there. Not only was every dollar used wisely to benefit the children, but also every emotion. I watched as Tanya stayed up late at night to make sure she was doing all she could for these beautiful little people.

When we would go to the sites to deliver the goats, I was always amazed with the gratitude the people had and how everyone knew Tanya and AFCA and would call her name and hug us saying ” thank you, thank you” . One thing that I loved the most, was how Tanya responded to them – she acted as if they were her family, or like an old friend she had known all her life. She would talk to them and want to know their story, and she would give them a special kind of hope.

AFCA provided these people with something that will and has changed their lives forever – not only will the goats provide food in the future but also fresh milk, wool and income. AFCA thought of practically everything when it came to this program!  They picked the perfect hearty, local goats that would be able to eat off of the land so animal feed would not be needed. They also provided the families with training so that they will be able to prosper as much as possible from the goats that they received.  I watched some of the trainings, as well as the dancing and singing as the children and their guardians received the animals.  It was awesome! I am blessed and honored to say that I worked with an organization whose staff is willing to do anything to give hope to hurting children. Not a penny given is ever wasted as everything goes to help the kids.

Thank you AFCA for all of your hard work

Morgan Parry