My new stove may be fancy and new, but getting a coal fire started is breaking my spirit! After a third of the box of matches, I finally succeeded but there was sweat and almost tears involved as I have been awake since 3am, listening to the guard talk to his wife RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW and the frustration of this fire seemed a bit too much for 5:30am. The only reason I didn’t go out to ask them to move was my fear of the rats, they who rule the night and darkness.

Four of us are heading out today to Tandala to do vaccinations on a couple hundred goats. There will be no way to communicate as the network there has been down for three weeks. Rain permitting, we’ll be back on Saturday afternoon, full of stories and dust.

Check out Molli’s pot, Judy Martin ! What a blessing you are to me and to all at AFCA.