Today is gorgeous. It is just me and the young ones – Aiden and Juju. Morgan is out with friends for a sleepover and Eric and Jodi are at another training. I have cleaned, washed clothes, fed four kids, played with the same kids, made potato salad for a bar-b-q we’ve been invited to tonight, caught up on some emails, and overall, had a busy morning.

One thing that makes today gorgeous is that face that we have two little friends over – Jonathan is four and Anesu is eight. They belong to my friends Sugu and KC (I can’t pronounce his given name) and their parents had something to do today, so they came to me. Having never met them, I wondered how things would go, as they are here all day long. I shouldn’t have wondered.

The minute (THE MINUTE) they arrive, Aiden takes Jonathan by the hand and they scamper off to look for frogs and to play with dirt and cars. No need for introductions when you’ve found a friend, it seems. Juju and Anesu hit if off just as quickly and have spent a large part of the day playing with a plastic set of kitchen play dishes the Stambolies lent us, feeding me leaves, mud and berry juice.

The thing that definitely makes the day gorgeous is hearing Juju and Anesu giggling and talking. I heard this:

Juju: “we could be twins, you know.”

Anesu: “oh, i know! my mom said your family is pink, but iI think you are peach-colored.”

Juju: “even though I am peach-colored, we still are just alike, don’t you think?”

Anesu: “definitely. I think we must share a birthday because we really could be twins”

They build a fort in the loft and I hear them practicing jokes on each other. They laugh uproarisouly at the silliest jokes. They complain of their brothers but decide they should keep them. They read together. They go back outside to cook another meal, but now their names are Elizabeth and Rosie, the twin cooks. They decided that their birthday is April 13 (Anesu was born in April and Juju was born on a 13th day).

Jonathan thinks it is hilarious that I call him “buddy” and he laughs each time I say that. Aiden tells him that “buddy” means “friend” and Jonathan giggles more. Those two boys eat more than the girls and they play harder and faster. They gave up finding frogs and moved on to hockey.

I have let Morgan take my camera with her, otherwise, I’d be posting photos of the four new friends. I envision many days of them playing together and I like what I see.