An AFCA-supported community garden project in Miwani, Kenya, is hoping for an expansion.

Currently the garden provides daily meals to 13 children at an orphanage and ten other vulnerable people in the community. The project also provides work for 22 women, and some 130 other children and elderly people are able to eat, go to school, and have medical care because of the work of these women.

While the gardens have thus far been a success, there are many more people in the community suffering from malnutrition and food insecurity.

To address this need, AFCA is planning to add 10 vegetable beds to the community garden and develop a 15-acre rice field.

This expansion will have three direct outcomes for the people of Miwani: food, funding, and jobs.

  • More food will be available for the children at the orphanage and needy members of the community.
  • Funding will be generated from the sale of food to the community and then be used to reinvest in the program, pay staff, and support the orphanage.
  • The funds from sales will also enable the community garden and rice field program to hire an additional 15 staff members, providing much-needed jobs for local people.

We are planning an appeal for this June to help us raise the $20,000 needed to make this expansion a reality. If you would like more information about this project or how you can support, please contact Andy Clarke at

With your help, hopefully soon we can share the success of the newly expanded gardens in Miwani!