13 of us arrive ready to work so as soon as the tour of the orphanage is over, we break out into two teams – one painting and one building bar-b-q pits for children’s homes. Everyone works hard and consistently, wanting to reach our goals by the end of the week.

It is SO cold this morning and misery is evident in everyone’s faces. I remind them that I told them that it would be cold and in one voice, I am told, “we didn’t think it would be THIS cold”! Ha! One day volunteers will learn that I mean what I say! By lunchtime, though, the weather changes and the sun feels wonderful. Sweatshirts come off and arms quickly become covered with paint. Kids who didn’t know each other a couple days ago work side by side, chatting and learning about each other.

Now, tired adults sit around talking after dinner while the kids keep going – playing games, cutting hair, singing, laughing, and being loud. How do they have so much energy? How do so many know EVERY SINGLE WORD of Hamilton?

All I want is some sleep but it is pretty obvious that sleep isn’t going to happen any time soon.