Zimbabwe is home to some great food brands that are perfect for the adventurous eater. We’ve tried them all and we’re loving them! Here’s a list of our favorites. From hot sauces to the best squishy white bread, these brands will make you want to get on the next flight to Harare. So go ahead and explore Zimbabwe through its food! You won’t be disappointed! Here’s a list of our top 10 must-try Zimbabwean brand snacks and treats.

Sun Jam

Sun Jam Sweet Orange Marmalade is a classic jam made with sweet oranges handpicked in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe. It is sweet and tangy and perfect for spreading on toast or adding to cakes and other desserts. Sun Jam Mixed Fruit Jam is also a must-try, especially when slathered onto Proton bread!

Proton Bread

Proton Bread comes in a variety of flavors, including wholemeal, brown, seeded, and the favorite: soft white bread that’s fluffy in texture–perfect for sandwiches! These loaves have the best chew and use natural ingredients, an excellent lunch or a picnic. Proton bread is a staple in Zimbabwean homes and can be found at local supermarkets. Proton Bakers has been creating the country’s most beloved bread brand for over 60 years!


Mazoe Orange Crush is a refreshing orange juice drink made from fresh oranges in Zimbabwe. It’s sweet, and zesty and has a unique flavor that you won’t find anywhere else. Peach, blackberry, raspberry, and cream Soda are other Mazoe flavors, all of Zimbabwean origin. Mazoe is the perfect drink to enjoy on hot days and is enjoyed by adults and kids alike. According to a social post on the Bulawayo Entrepreneur’s Facebook page, the original beverage was created in 1930 by Arthur Sturgess who started a small beverage company called Spa Foods to produce a locally-made juice drink. Since then, the business has grown and is now a part of the Schweppes brand portfolio. 

Cheeky Chilli

Cheeky Chilli is a hot sauce made with capsicum peppers and spices. It’s perfect for adding some zing to any dish, from curries to salads. The heat level and flavor profiles range, but as Cheeky Chilli says on their brand website, “Unfortunately, there is no mild”…, so be sure to try it before you decide how much you want. We add it to egg salad or to soups or veggies. Cheeky Chilli is proudly Zimbabwean and also distributed in Zambia and South Africa. Since 1987, Cheeky Chilli has been a favorite way to spice up dishes, you must give their sauces a try!

Natra Fresh Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea is a sweet, earthy herbal tea made from the redbush plant that grows in Zimbabwe. It’s known for its high levels of antioxidants and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Natra Fresh makes their Rooibos teas with a combination of honey, cinnamon, and other spices, making it the perfect beverage for any time of day. Today, Natra Fresh is owned and operated by Tanganda Tea company which also owns several brands of teas and bottled water.

Zambezi Lager 

Zambezi Lager is an easy-drinking brew made with sorghum, a grain used in brewing beer. It is light and refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day. Plus, Delta Brands donates 25 cents of every bottle sold to charities that help protect Zimbabwe’s wildlife and people. You can’t visit Zimbabwe and not enjoy a Zambezi Lager to cool down from the hot African sun.

Pizza Inn

As an American traveling in Zimbabwe, it’s always good to smell and taste a bit of home away. Pizza Inn is a great pizza chain in Zimbabwe, offering thin-crust pizzas with all the classic toppings. Pizza Inn is a brand owned by Simbisa Brands, so you know it’s going to be good.

The crusts are crisp and the cheese is gooey – it’s just like home! Simbisa Brands also has other popular fast-food chains like Chicken Inn and Creamy Inn and they are all very tasty!

Uni Maputi

Uni Maputi is a childhood favorite for many Zimbabweans. A crunchy popcorn snack made by roasting maize kernels until they pop. Lightly salted, Maputi is a great anytime snack that’s fun to eat and has a satisfying crunch. Uni Maputi, owned by Zimbabwean company, Nulenty, is now offered in a variety of flavor combinations to try including caramel, peanut butter, and chili habanero for those looking for bold flavors.

Victoria Falls Gin

Victoria Falls Gin is a craft gin made with local botanicals such as Baobab, Buffalo Thorn Honey, and Grains of Paradise, making the recipe uniquely Zimbabwean. It’s smooth, slightly sweet, and perfect for sipping after dinner or mixed into cocktails. The distillery also offers tours so you can learn more about the process of making this unique spirit.

Chompkin’s Potato Crisps

Chompkin’s Potato Crisps are a classic snack made with locally grown potatoes. They’re extra crunchy and have just the right amount of salt, making them the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Plus, they come in a variety of flavors so there’s something for everyone! Our favorite is the delicious Chutney flavor, but you can also find more traditional flavors like Salt & Vinegar. 

These are just a few, there are so many amazing foods to try when you visit Zimbabwe. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, there’s something that everyone can enjoy. If you want to learn more about how you can experience Zimbabwe, you can explore the idea of traveling with the American Foundation for Children with AIDS. Our Vacation with a Purpose trips offers travelers a unique perspective while helping those in need. Learn more about Zimbabwe, our work there, and how you can get involved.

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