Kenya Web Extras
(10 day lesson plan for K-6 grade) Students study the physical attributes of Kenya and compare these attributes to Africa. They research the language, clothing, location and foods found in Kenya. They utilize websites imbedded in this plan to augment their research.
(7 -12th grade) Students study Kenya’s culture and see how people and things can be different and similar at the same time. They create a pictograph of objects from each culture that are used in similar ways and examine a few Swahili words.
A scrapbook style page showing the daily life of a child in Kenya.–Kenya#main
Kid-friendly facts about Kenya including flag and map information.
Africa geography: Click on country and get map, flag, population, etc.
Pictures and information about animals found in Africa
Kenya safari – start the video at 30 seconds (the man says “flying for a day to get here sucks” around 20 seconds which is why suggested to go to 30 seconds in).
Cool site of fun activities (including playing music on a thumb piano) that deal with Africa.
African games
Swahili words along with a sound clip (requires RealPlayer).
Kenyan sound clips