Kenya Music and Art


  • Children learn to sing and recite traditional songs and stories
  • Kenya Music Festival
  • The Schools and Colleges Drama Festival
  • The Muugano National Choir — famous Kenyan choir


  • hand-carved doors, furniture, and animals
  • pottery
  • baskets
  • leather goods
  • soapstone items
  • hand woven clothing and garments

Lesson Plan Ideas for Music & Art in Kenya:

  1. Have students create a shield and/or mask.
  2. Have students look at pictures of Kenyan Art and complete the English connection worksheet.
  3. Talk to the art teacher at your school to see if he/she has some ideas of projects you can do with your students either in your classroom or that he/she can do with them in art class.
  4. Watch videos online of Kenyan children singing and dancing as well as the Muugano National Choir.