Kenya Language Lesson Plan Ideas

  1. Teach one or two new Swahili words or phrases using the English/Swahili chart. Each day, continue to review the words already taught.
  2. Listen to the words being spoken using one of the following sites:
  3. Have students complete the Swahili word search puzzle – for an extra challenge, have them write the English word next to the Swahili word.
  4. Encourage your students to teach the new words to their friends and family.
  5. Have students start using some of the words throughout the day.

(For example, if they need to use the bathroom they could raise their hand and say, “bafu tafadhali?” for “bathroom please?”)


Kenya Language Facts:

  • Kenya has two official languages: English and Swahili
  • Most Kenyans grown up knowing several languages
  • Languages are often mixed in conversation
  • There are also regional languages