Isabel Dube is a sickly widow who has been looking after Thandeka and Thabelani since the death of their parents a few years ago.  This family received three goats last year as part of our Livelihoods Project. Sadly, one goat died of tick-borne disease and the family thought their project was collapsing.  But, thankfully, the other two goats gave birth and, presently the family has four healthy goats. Thabelani is so excited about the kids who he says are adorable and full of energy. He went further to say, “when the other goat died, it was very painful to me and I thought our project was failing.  Seeing these kids has renewed my hope and I know that with proper care from us, this project is going places and that we will be fine.”

Isabel couldn’t be more grateful for the gift of porridge she and the children received this month.  She said the fortified porridge at this time is a miracle to her and her family. She pointed out that her health was deteriorating due to a very poor diet and that her children were also struggling, thinking of quitting school because they were getting too weak to walk the two miles to school. She said the porridge will strengthen the children who were looking weak and demotivated and that she, too, will regain strength quickly.

“Thank you for caring and for sending us this gift”, she said and we pass on these sentiments to you, the donors who made this happen.

Thank you so much for giving life and hope to our kids, friends!  Because of you, over 110 children and their guardians will receive food for a month.  What a New Year gift that is!

May 2014 treat you kindly.