“It’s the perfect balance of local efforts and a global change.”

Sylvia Grove joined the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) four years ago. Grove has been a music festival committee member for the past two years, but she was first introduced to AFCA when she was working with Tanya Weaver, the Executive Director, two years prior.

Grove started with the organization by tutoring Weaver in French. Weaver travels to French speaking African countries, notably the Democratic Republic of the Congo, each year. Grove taught Weaver French so that Weaver could better communicate with those the organization helps.

More recently, Grove has become a committee member for the annual AFCA Music Festival. The organization has been hosting a music festival for the past two years to spread awareness and raise funds for its programs. Grove has overseen recruiting and communicating with the bands that perform.

“I support AFCA because the organization supports impactful and sustainable change.”

Grove enjoys working with a local organization that has grown over the years. AFCA began with the goal to provide AIDS medicine. However, the organization quickly realized there needed to be so much more provided to create a sustainable change. AFCA realized that food needed to be provided so that the children could properly digest the medicine.

“AFCA emphasizes accountability of their partners, and they really develop solutions for each specific region.”

Another reason Grove volunteers with AFCA is that it is a local organization that donates almost all of its proceeds to children infected or affected by AIDS in Africa.  94% of donations go directly to programs, making it a top organization according to charity watchdogs.

For Grove, the organization creates more than just a “one size fits all” result, but rather creates solutions based on specific community needs. These needs includes more than just supplying medicine but also by providing resources to build educational, agriculture and business programs for those in Africa, allowing families to break out of the cycle of poverty and to be able to fend for themselves.

Moving forward, Grove hopes to expand the music festival by holding a festival at two different venues each year. She believes the music festival is a great opportunity to raise awareness for the organization and to help others in a way that fits her lifestyle.