Representative John Lewis tweeted last Monday about HIV/AIDS and the impact of the epidemic. Rep. Lewis has said that “HIV/AIDS is not a disease that discriminates. It affects all of us—our friends, our family, our neighbors. We must fight this together.” In this global community, the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) tirelessly works to support those hardest hit by the HIV/AIDS epidemic: the children who are infected and/or affected. Our blog relays countless stories of lives impacted through our work at hospitals, schools, and with community programs.

AFCA provides lifesaving medications for kids, supports livelihood programs including livestock and garden projects, funds community health initiatives by training midwives and health workers, stocks hospitals with much needed medical supplies and equipment, and provides additional training for those in our programs so that they learn marketable and valuable skills. AFCA works in a sustainable way, partnering with in-country agencies to carry out our mission.

While Rep. Lewis is undoubtedly focused on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the USA, his comments apply to the rest of the globe, and Africa in particular. “The HIV/AIDS epidemic is still with us. Every day too many people lose their lives to this disease. We must make a way out of no way [sic].” AFCA has been helping those who are least likely to receive assistance to live healthy, sustainable lives for decades. Help us continue to make a way.